Mould Intro Pack
Mould Intro Pack
Mould Intro Pack

Mould Intro Pack

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Keep your RV free of mould with this 2 step treatment in Mould removal and prevention.

Mould Pack:

  1. Caravan, Boat & Storage Mould Remover 75g Gel and
  2. Surface Mould Remover Spray 500mls

    Kills up to 99% of airborne bacteria, mould, fungus and germs.

    Stops bacteria and Mould from reproducing.

    100% natural, non-toxic formulation.

    Safe for kids and pets.

    Lasts up to 3 months.

    San-Air Mould Removal Gel disperses in the air and prevents mould regrowth. This has been independently tested and verified to be effective in killing bacteria, mould and viruses including Covid-19 in all indoor airspaces.


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