Muk mat Pull-Out Step
Muk mat Pull-Out Step
Muk mat Pull-Out Step

Muk mat Pull-Out Step

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Dimensions: 51cm x 20cm.


Camplify have partnered with Muk mat to bring these practical mats, perfect for camping, into the NZ market to offer to our customers.

The Muk mat pull out caravan step mat is specifically designed to fit on the outer steps of your caravan so you can wipe the muk from your feet as you move in and out. 

Simply fasten your pull out step mats with the handy velcro straps for a non-slip mat surface.

The pull out caravan step mat removes muk from your feet and shoes with ease thanks to its:

  • 40mm state-of-the-art GREEN Polyethylene multi-filament yarn that combines the plushest and longest blades available to give you the softest experience underfoot,
  • 100% woven Polypropylene design that looks good and feels even better, and
  • UV protected materials, however, avoid long exposure to direct sunlight to prevent overheating. 

The Muk mat also bears maximum water resistance capabilities so you can leave it outside, attached to your caravan steps all night long.

When you’re packing up and heading home, simply give your muk mat a quick shake and rinse if needed, then store out of direct sunlight to prevent overheating. Keeping your muk mat clean is as easy as that!

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